for adult women who are recovering from the effects of sexual exploitation
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Our Mission
Safe Home
A faith based comprehensive restoration program ​that is structured to promote continued education, healthy relationships, ​vocational training and life skills in the most effective way possible.
Engedi House
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Holistic Restoration
The Residential Program offers long term housing that incorporates a safe and secure home, nutritious meals, ongoing encouragement and care.
When I came to Engedi in the summer of 2013 I was basically a shell of a person.
I had recently found out I was pregnant and was devastated by the news. I felt so hopeless. I didn’t believe I deserved anything better than the personal hell I was living in. I was literally a prisoner in my home and a slave to my addiction. I couldn’t see any way out of my situation and figured an abortion was the only way to save my baby from a life of desperation.

I first heard of Engedi just hours after my home had been raided by the police. I knew I needed somewhere safe to go since I had just ultimately betrayed my “boyfriend” by speaking to, and opening up to the police.

I was terrified when I arrived that night. I had already been to 7 other rehabs, so I was very skeptical that the program would really work. What I didn't know, was Engedi was unlike any other program I had ever been in.

Within 24 hrs, they assessed my situation and determined it would be unsafe for me to detox at the home.  I was admitted to one of only 2 medical detox programs in the state for pregnant mothers . I assumed that was the last I was going to hear from anyone at Engedi.

While I was at detox I heard from staff several times thru letters, phone calls and cheerful cards. 26 days later I returned to my new home at Engedi, my bedroom exactly how I left it, my own personal space & privacy respected. It was then that it became clear to me that this was not just a job to anyone here but they truly cared. For the first time in years I felt loved, not the kind of love you have to work for. It was genuine, unconditional love. What I have gained from ERM is really immeasurable.

I am so excited and hopeful for life. 9 months ago I didn't believe I had a future. Today I am loving life!! I have surrendered my life to Jesus Christ. My relationship with God is nurtured, not pushed. The freedom to define my relationship with God and find my own way helped me come to him.

In December I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. The support I had during my entire pregnancy was tremendous. For every doctor appointment, I had someone right there. During the 14 hours of labor, Lea never left my side. I’ve gained skills to be a better parent, not only to my newborn, but have reconciled with my other daughter. I went from having no contact with her, to now getting her on weekends, along with transitioning to having her back with me full time.

I still make mistakes and have bad days but the difference today is that I have new found confidence in myself and my ability to be a great mom. My life is so complete today and I know it’s only going to get better with time. The friendships I have made are real. I have learned what healthy relationships are like and I don’t have to look for false security and love. I know I am worth so much more.

I want to let any girls who are still out there, chasing false dreams and looking for love in all the wrong places that there is life after “the life”. It is a good life. Don’t fight it, Engedi does work.
   ​It saved my life. It saved my baby’s life.

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