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A major component of Engedi Refuge Ministries is the

Engedi Learning Center  which provides each participant

with a variety of programs to comprehensively learn the                             personal and occupational skills required to help them

obtain and maintain employment or return to school. 

At the Learning Center participants engage in trauma                                             focused therapy - a key component to healing from the                                              abuse and trauma of being in "the life".

We have outlined a three phase process for each woman's restoration process                                                                                                              

         Phase 1      Life Skills Foundations                        

                  Interpersonal & Relational Development                             

                    Addiction Education & Recovery                                               

                    Peer Mentoring                                                                                 


                    Art Program & Horse Therapy                                                    

                    Spiritual Awakenings  (introduction to the Christian Faith)                        

                    Dealing with Codependence                                                                   

                    Employment Readiness Classes







In the words of an Engedi resident:

Engedi is mentioned in the Bible as a place of refuge for King David and I couldn't think of a more fitting name for a program like this one.

Engedi doesn't require much for admittance but it does require a certain type of lady willing to give up everything comfortable, everything familiar and get real with herself and others in order to have a real chance at a new life.  The work is hard and the pain is real but the rewards are everlasting.

Engedi is a safe place for us to break down walls that have been fortified with violence, abandonment, abuse and discover our true self worth; we are women of true value, honor and respect.

The staff really brings it back to basics with us, teaching us abut boundaries, communication, healthy lifestyle choices and of course my favorite, learning to live on a budget!  One of the residents summarized it best by saying  "Engedi has given me the opportunity to be a better version of myself".

But the staff aren't just educators, they lead by example.  Demonstrating real kindness and patience, knowing that there will be bumps in the road and mistakes will be made.  Showing us what grace and forgiveness are about and what determination and resilience will get us.

Phase 2  Vocational Foundations

Implementing Individual Educational Advancement

Employment Preparedness

Trauma Therapy

Level 2 Addiction Education & Codependency

Personal Development Plans & Career Goal Setting

Deepening Your Faith thru Spiritual Discovery

One on One Mentoring

Phase 3   Spiritual Foundations

Deepening your personal faith through discipleship

Giving back to the community

Maintaining healthy independent living, schooling and/or employment