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Co-Founders - Lea and Aaron Newcomb

Lea serves as Executive Director of Engedi and teaches at the Engedi Learning Center

Aaron serves as Director of Development, Public Relations, Fundraising, Addressing Men through Men of Dignity and teaching at the Engedi Learning Center

Sharon Akers  -  Addiction Ed & Codependency Counselor and Teacher

Kendra Pasma MS, LMHC   -  Licensed Therapist

Keri Allen -  House Manager                                              Carma Roectcisoender - Executive Assistant & Classroom Facilitator

Jill LeVasseur - Client Support Coordinator                      Judy Stevenson  -  Classroom Assistant, Mentor 

Johanna Holliday - Client Support Advocate & Administrative Assistant                                         

Robin Neal - Phase Three Facilitator                                  Jill Louws  -  Bookkeeper, Classroom Assistant, Mentor

Charlotte Kipfer - Classroom Assistant                   

Tammie Lagerway, Angee Whitten  -  Arts & Crafts Facilitators

Jennifer Teigrob & the Promise23 Team - Horsemanship & Equine Therapy

                                       We have a larger team of volunteers who assist in many areas such as respite,                                         transportation to appointments, gardening, and mentoring.       

We are so grateful to our volunteers and know that we could not be as successful as we are without them!!!

Dr. Becca Johnson, PH.D - Clinical Advisor

Board Members

Jim & Karen Barger, Lea & Aaron Newcomb, Bill Livingston

Becca & Lloyd Johnson,  Jake & Lauren Locker (not shown) and Dave Bushnell (not shown)

                                Core Care Team                                

Carma R., Johanna H., Aaron N., Lea N., Sharon A.  Keri A., Jill L.   not showing; Kendra Pasma

"Engedi Refuge gives churches of any size, any budget, anywhere in Washington and beyond a real set of ways to make a difference in the complex, hidden, evil industry of sex trafficking.  They are one of the ministries on the front lines of proving that there is no one beyond God's reach to redeem and restore.   Aaron and Lea did the work to learn the best practices of whole-life restoration for those who have been through the specific traumas of sexual exploitation in the context of modern slavery.  They understand the dynamics in play for these women and they have realistic expectations about how faith interacts with and impacts these women along their journey  I believe they have built a program team that is equipped to do the right work and stay the course in order to see results."                             Wendy Powell  ;  Community Outreach Pastor, Christ the King Community Church, Bellingham