Mission and History

Who We Are:

Engedi Refuge Ministries is a faith-based restorative program for women who have survived sexual exploitation.  We are dedicated to empowering women to take the steps necessary to live their dreams with dignity and hope through safe housing, case management, life skills training and trauma focused therapy.

Our History:

Our founders, Aaron and Lea Newcomb, first became aware of the reality of human

trafficking in the United States in 2007.  With a burdened heart and a sense of responsibility

they immediately began educating themselves, seeking a way to become a part of the

solution.  They soon discovered the overwhelming need for long-term victim care for the

sexually exploited.  Jumping in, they moved from Oklahoma to Surrey, British Colombia to

begin serving at an organization that followed a promising long-term care model.  After years of research, education and full-time hands on service, the Newcomb's opened Engedi Refuge in Whatcom County, Washington in March of 2013.

Since opening, Engedi has expanded to three separate housing facilities, a Counseling Center and a Learning Center with staff offices.  We have been blessed beyond belief by the generosity of God through our community.

Our Faith:

Our faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to compassion and social justice and is foundational to our processes.  We are compelled by the love we have received and have a desire to share that love with those who have been marginalized and forgotten by society.  We believe spiritual encouragement is a key component to holistic healing and is necessary to find freedom from mental and emotional pain.

Theologically, this means we believe in the uniqueness and authority of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible.  Our ministry approach is patterned after what Jesus Christ taught in Luke 10: 25-37 and inspired by what Jesus said himself in Luke 4: 18-19.

We welcome residents regardless of their chosen faith, recognizing the diversity of those who come to us and respecting their unique opinions and traditions.