Engedi House is a restorative home with a friendly family atmosphere where all the residents' physical needs are met.  We can accommodated up to 6 residents as well as a house manager. 

The residents in our program take responsibility in the house for daily chores, meal preparation and personal care.  Our house manager is available for mentoring, guiding and assisting in the domestic challenges that may arise.

Full participation in the activities of home life and the Engedi Learning Center is expected.  From time to time there are activities such as camping, boating, hiking, horseback riding, gardening etc..

What does Engedi Mean?       An oasis, a sanctuary, safe haven or refuge.  A place of safety and protection.

Engedi is pronounced:  En-geh-dee

From the Heart....  I am a participant in the Engedi program.  I am a survivor of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.  Before I came to Engedi Refuge, I lived in a constant state of fear, danger and isolation.  I had no shelter or resources geared toward the issues unique to victims of Human Trafficking.  I was homeless, jobless and hopeless.  I was trapped in a vicious cycle - individually insurmountable and collectively misunderstood. Engedi Refuge saved my life.  It is a literal refuge from the fugitive existence that sexual exploitation breeds. I have been wholly embraced, supported and understood in a way I have never experienced.  I am provided with physical & emotional safety in a beautiful home and I am given the opportunity to cultivate my strengths and talents, learn valuable life skills, receive therapy, chemical dependency counseling and participate in recreational activities at the Learning Center. Every need I have is specifically addressed.  I am receiveing medical and dental care, actively healing the past and planning for the future, working with inspirational mentors and enjoying entertainment and outings.  I am treated like a person here instead f a product.  I can honestly testify to the fact that Engedi Refuge has a determined heart to heal broken spirited and has exceeded all expectations in creating a true haven for exploited women.                                                                                 My past was stolen from me, Engedi Refuge is restoring my future.         a Survivior