Engedi Learning Center provides a multi-purpose program including classroom instruction, individual trauma therapy and activities to promote addiction recovery and healthy relationships.  We offer support for continuing educations, preparing for employment and living independently.

Our program consists of Three Phases as described below.  Our residents come to the Learning Center Monday thru Friday, from 9:30am to 3pm.  In addition to this commitment, there are two evening recovery meetings.  A new resident only needs to commit to  Phase One of the program.

Phase One - Life Skills Foundations          approximately 6 months

Interpersonal and Relational Life Skills classes

Addiction Education & Codependency classes

Spiritual Awakening & Employment Readiness classes

Nutrition Classes & Physical Excercise

Case Management

Trauma Counseling

Support Groups

Art and Equine Therapy

          approximately 4  to 8 months       Phase Two - Vocational Foundations

          Level Two Relapse Prevention & Codependency classes

Personal Finance and Budgeting & Financial Literacy classes

Case Management

Trauma Counseling


Spiritual Discovery

Employment Preparedness

Phase Three - Spiritual Discovery             approximately 8 months

Maintaining a healthy life without the addictions and entanglements of the past.

Developing a solid spiritual foundation from a Christian perspective. Through the following studies:

     Father Heart of God book study by Floyd McClung
     Praying with Women of the Bible book study by Kathleen Kennedy

     Secrets of the Vine book study by Bruce Wilkinson

     Mingling of the Souls book study by Matt Chandler

     Continuing the Spiritual Discovery study
For those reuniting with their children:

     Getting to the Heart of Parenting DVD/book study by Paul Tripp