Engedi Refuge provides a restorative program for women who have                 survived sexual exploitation and trafficking

         Engedi Refuge is one of the nation's leading residential care facilities.  Their passion to see women restored is evident in all that they put their hands to.

 Rebecca Bender ;  Founder/CEO of Rebecca Bender Initiative 

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Join us in our “SET HER FREE” campaign we are running from now until the end of the year with a goal of raising $100,000.

SET HER FREE is about helping women victimized by sex trafficking to overcome their greatest challenges and learn to live free and empowered lives. The SET HER FREE campaign will help fund a program that transforms the lives of women who come to Engedi for healing. We do this through training and mentoring in life-skills, relational health, addiction recovery support, professional therapy and community reintegration. Most importantly we do this through relationship and connection. 

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